Chasbikes History

Our History

CHASBIKES was started in 1984 by Charles Holt M.A.(OXON), a former East African wildlife biologist. Originally located on an industrial estate in Greenwich, the company hired out Honda CX500’s to dispatch riders, before beginning to specialise in repairing them for the public. The company then moved on to work on other popular dispatch riding models.

In 1992, CHASBIKES sold their fleet of 102 CX500’s and bought a workshop site in Great Suffolk Street in SE1 where it re-opened as the country’s first ‘motorcycle Quick Fit’ centre.

Over the following, CHASBIKES gradually became the provider of the largest range of spares in London, which it continues to be today.

In 2010, CHASBIKES sold the Great Suffolk Street site to developers. It moved to its current location, 113 Kennington Road, when Mr Holt offered to purchase the property from Charlie Solari, the owner of Supreme Motorcycles, who was retiring.

Our Principles

We try to keep our prices down by using pattern or second-hand parts where appropriate. We refrain from operating any bonus schemes whereby the staff might have incentives to use excessive time or parts. For repairs that cannot be firmly quoted in advance, the price is set on completion according to the time it ought to have reasonably taken. We also don’t do discount for cash.

In the event that any customer is dissatisfied, the proprietor is normally on the premises or can otherwise be contacted immediately by phone.

Free loan bikes are available to anyone with a legitimate complaint.